Mission Statement

The fundamental purpose of Duchesne County School District is to assure that all students achieve at high academic levels. This must be embedded into the day-to-day practice throughout the district.

Welcome to Con Amore School & Duchesne County Preschool Home Page

Home of the Bears and the Cubs

PRINCIPAL:  Lola Stansfield

LOCATION:  325 East Main Myton, Utah, 84052

The Con Amore School and the Duchesne County Pre-School, are housed in a beautiful building for students in Duchesne County with severe multiple disabilities and students with developmental delays.

Con Amore School was established in 1970.  A new building was erected in 1977 part of which is the current building.  A new addition including the gymnasium was built in 2007.  The facility includes a spa, playground, OT, PT therapy room, multi-sensory therapy room, 14 classrooms, a cafeteria and gymnasium.  The pre-school serves 3, 4, and 5 year-old students.  The school age program serves children ages 5 to 22. All of our school age students have severe multiple disabilities.  These disabilities include autism, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, communication impairments, rare genetic disorders and syndromes, students who are both deaf and blind, and those who are extremely medically fragile.  Our preschool students have one or more developmental delays in the following areas: cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, and speech and hearing.  Many of our students are on medications.  In addition, some of our students have aggressive and disruptive behaviors and communicate through these behaviors.

 The mission of Con Amore School is to provide students with disabilities with an appropriate individualized educational program.  Our vision is that All students will reach their greatest potential.  Therefore, each classroom is staffed with a certified special education teacher as well as instructional assistants.  Our students receive related services:  speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and adapted physical education.  The students also benefit from the expertise of the district augmentative communication team and deaf-blind services from The Utah School for the Deaf and Blind.  Our school programs include sensory experiences, spa therapy, music, vocational training, home living skills and recess.

 Con Amore is an Italian word meaning “With Love.”  The name is very fitting for a population of students who have unconditional love for those around them. The goal of every staff member is to improve the quality of life for our students and their families.  Although our successes are measured in small steps, they are monumental achievements and cause for celebration.

Welcome!  Visit and experience the joy our staff and students feel each day.